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“If Polar Bears Can Eat A Ton Of Fat And Be Healthy, Why Can’t We?” NPR

“Parrots Name Their Children, And Those Names, Like Ours, Stick For Life,” NPR, Krulwich Wonders

“Cat Bites Are Linked to Depression,” Popular Science

“Scientists focus on harbor seals as “samplers of the environment’,” Contra Costa Times

“Drunken Moose Gang Menaces Stockholm Resident,” Alaska Dispatch

“Scientists trace the payoff that moms get from ‘choosing’ boy vs. girl,” NBCNews/Science

“Tumor drug shows promise for Tasmanian devils, pets and maybe humans,” Sydney Morning Herald

“Disabled Duck Gets New, 3-D-printed Foot,” C-Net (CBS Interactive)

“NC State research on cannibalistic tadpoles may save human lives,” The News & Observer

“Babies Learn to Babble Like Birds Learn to Sing,” Nature

“Demented Dogs Do Their Bit for Science,” The Australian

“Solving an Alligator Mystery May Help Humans Regrow Lost Teeth” Smithsonian.com

“The Surprising Uses For Birdsong” BBC News Magazine

“Are Dogs Funnier than Cats?” Scientific American Blogs

“Monkeys, Mai Tais and Us” Krulwich Wonders: Robert Krulwich on Science (NPR)

“Sterilization Makes Difference in Life Span, Disease Risk of Dogs” Veterinary Practice News

“Super-grip Bandage Inspired by a Parasitic Worm” BBC News Online

“Chlamydia is Killing Koalas—Will Genetics Find a Cure?” Scientific American Blogs

“More Pets Ingesting Pot in Oregon and Washington” The Oregonian

“Squid’s Daily Rhythms Are Controlled by Glowing Symbiotic Bacteria” Inkfish (Blog)

“The Power of Swarms Can Help Us Fight Cancer, Understand the Brain, and Predict the Future” Wired

“Chimps’ ‘Girl Talk’ Uses More Negative Gestures” BBC Nature

“The Future of Antibiotics and Resistance” The New England Journal of Medicine

“Thousands of Golden Retrievers Sought for Lifetime Cancer Study” The Washington Post

“Massacres Alter Social Structure of Africa’s Elephants” Wired

“Mysterious Poles Make Road Crossing Easier for High Flying Mammals” The Conversation (Blog)

“Military’s Dogs of War also Suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”  LA Times

“Great Apes Have Midlife Crises Too” LA Times

“How Democracy Works in Nature” BBC Future 

“Wrens Teach Their Eggs to Sing”  Nature

“How Other Animals Choose Their Leaders: You think our elections are tough? Tell it to the wolves.”  Slate

“Pennsylvania’s Chronic Wasting Disease Quarantine List Grows to 12 Deer Farms”  The Patriot News/Pennlive.com

“Newborn Tapir Receives Mouth to Proboscis Resuscitation”  Why Evolution is True (Blog)

“L.A. council votes to ban stores from selling non-rescue dogs, cats” Los Angeles Times

“Zoobiquity Conference Report”  Global Health Vet – A One Health Approach to Public Health (Blog)

“Beluga whale mimics human speech”  New Scientist

“Dogs abandoned at Fukushima, Japan, suffer PTSD-like effects”  Los Angeles Times ScienceNow

“Watch Out Urbanites, Here Come the Carnivores”  Discovery News

“Survey Shows More Fat Cats, Pudgy Pooches” AVMA Podcasts (AUDIO)

“Swapping Germs: Bad for You and Dog”  Wall Street Journal

“That Cranky Old Cat May Have Alzheimer’s”  ABC News Blogs

“First pet psychiatrist appointed”  BBC News

“Virus leads to obesity but lowers risk of diabetes”  New Scientist

“Swiss Cows Send Texts to Announce They’re in Heat”  New York Times

“Veterinarians with disabilities: Practicing a full life”  VIN News Service

“$32 million animal care facility coming to JFK”  Wall Street Journal

“University of Maine research tackles issue of lungworm in moose”  Bangor Daily News

“Deer Takes Out Longboarder in Downhill Race” Adventure Journal VIDEO (blog)

“The Faithfulness of the Coyote (and Other Urban Animals)” Inkfish (blog)

“Cheetah Spots to Kitty’s Stripes: The Genetics of Cat Coats” Wired

“Rabid animals on the rise as human vaccine supply tightens”  Vitals (NBCNews.com)

“Apes Enjoy Slapstick Humor”  Discovery

“Viral disease confirmed in 3 Colorado yaks”  cbsnews.com

“Snake venom may be ‘drug source’” BBC

“Budget Would Fund New Veterinary Program”  abcmontana.com

“Children’s Center students learn life lessons from canine pals” The Issaquah Press

“World Rabies Day is September 28” American Veterinary Medical Association