Speaking Topics

Zoobiquity: A Species-Spanning Look at Medical and Psychiatric Issues
Heart attacks in flamingos, breast cancer in jaguars, eating disorders in pigs, diabetes in dolphins: animals and humans get the same diseases, yet physicians and veterinarians rarely consult with one another. In this highly visual presentation, Barbara Natterson-Horowitz explains the concept of Zoobiquity and how animal and human commonality can be used to diagnose, treat, and heal patients of all species. Natterson-Horowitz illustrates how connecting knowledge across disciplines can improve our physical and mental health. This talk challenges health professionals, students and patients to expand their thinking. Specific implications for medical groups in the fields of:

• Cardiology
• Oncology
• Fertility
• Dermatology
• Nutrition
• Immunology
• Sports Medicine
• Palliative care
• Geriatrics
• Psychiatry
The Adolescent Animal: Lessons for Growing Up Human
The transition from the juvenile to adult state happens across the animal kingdom and is a period fraught with opportunity and danger. Using examples of wild and domestic animals with parallel health challenges—koalas with Chlamydia, gorillas with depression, reindeer hooked on mushrooms—this presentation helps students and educators engage in discussions of sensitive but crucial topics including sexuality/STDs, substance abuse, eating disorders, cutting, gender stereotyping, and bullying.
Fifty Shades of Hay: Sexual Diversity in the Wild
The diverse range of sexual activities across the animal kingdom offers enlightening insights into human sexuality. Understanding how and why non-human animals engage in sex—for reproductive purposes and often for non-reproductive purposes—expands how we understand the nature and challenges of sexuality in human animals.
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